5 Benefits of Morning Devotion


Prayer is a means of communicating with God and the Bible says we should pray without ceasing(Thessalonians 5:17). Christians should find every  time of the day convenient to pray,however it is very important we do not miss morning devotions/prayers most especially with our families. Here are some benefit of morning devotions

  1. Seeking Forgiveness: God despise sins, so it is very important we seek his forgiveness for sins committed previous days and night before engaging in daily activities.
  2. We seek Direction From God: It is important we seek directions, wisdom and motivation from God before going to places of work or businesses, this comes with a miraculous turn-around in our lives.
  3.  Brings Unity in the Family: A family that pray together grow in love and unity, it strengthens the family bond as they gather to pray for one another.
  4. Reverse Plan of the Devil: The Bible describes the devil as a thief and a killer that wants to oppress the children of God, therefore we need to be steadfast in prayers to reverse the devil’s evil plans.
  5. Daily Blessing: God has a new blessing for everyone everyday, and we need to seek before it is given to us.


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