5 Reasons You Cant Keep A Man


Keeping a man most times require more than just your good looks or your academic qualifications, that is why you get to see some ladies not as pretty or not at academically qualified with the better men and even as far as tying the knot, here are some reasons your men keep going away:

TOO DEPENDENT: As much as men like to provide for their women, no man want to end up with an overly dependent woman or a liability.

DIRTINESS: Women should pay extra attention to their bodies and must be able to keep a home in good condition also because a man would imagine if you could help keep his home or family

NAGGING: To men a nagging woman is like a wild fire, and men tend to avoid women that would make their lives unbearable

TOO RIGID:A man regardless of his social status always wants his woman to be meek and resilient so he knows he is in charge, they tend to run away if they discover you are too tough.

NO LONG TERMS GOALS: Men tend to engage in conversations concerning your ambitions to know your long term goal, and if they are not impressed with what your targets are, they begin to give excuses and gradually pull away.



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