3 Things Faith Can Do For You


Firstly what is faith?
Faith in Christianity simply means having strong belief and trust in God about a particular thing you are in need of.
Most people even Christians lack understanding of faith and as such miss its reward, they ask questions like ‘ How do i trust someone I haven’t seen?’ How long do I need to Exercise Faith?’ ‘ Is it compulsory to have faith?’
The Bible made it clear that it is impossible to please God without faith(Heb. 11:6). Faith is the foundation of Christianity because no one has actually seen God, so the only way we can experience supernatural breakthrough is by having faith.
Below are the reward of faith:

1.Yields Result:The human mind is a powerful tool and most time what happens in our lives is a function of what we believe, therefore we need to channel our minds towards positivity and exercise faith

2.Provokes God To Action:Continuous praying without faith in God is a waste of time, when we go to sleep our souls connect with the spiritual realm, and cries out to God, through faith we let God know that regardless of how long the problem has remained and how difficult it is, we believe he can do it, God loves challenges and wants us to boast of his name

3.Eradicates Insecurity and Fear:No matter what the condition is, your faith can and will get you through it. You must accept that as fact, and hold on to the expectation of greater things to come. Do not give up in searching for an answer to help resolve the situation you might be facing in your life,by doing this we no longer fear because we are convinced surely that a solution will come.

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