4 Benefits of Living a Righteous Life


It is important to know your life does not belong to you, but it belongs to God therefore we must live in accordance to His will. We only achieve victory in life if we have dominion over sin and the only person that loses when we do so is satan.
Aside eternal life there are benefits of living a righteous life.

1.Freedom: Most unholy acts are pleasurable and we gradually lose ourselves to them. Therefore we become a slave to that particular act of sin, and on the other hand if we do not engage in such act we are totally free from it and it’s consequences
2.Invulnerability:Living in accordance to God’s will earns us protection from God and also unharmed by evil.
3.Easy life: Life becomes easy because you will have total control of your life and indeed attract God’s blessings.
4.Saves Resources:We can not deny the fact that a lot of sinful act require our valuable substances like time ,money etc. imagine how much resources we can save if we abstain from these acts.


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