4 Keys To Financial Breakthrough


It is not God’s plan for any of his children to lack financial blessings yet Christians still battle with the issue of breakthrough, financial instability, hunger, poor standard of living etc. God’s time is indeed the best, and as children of that seek financial blessings, there are steps that need to be taken:

1.Commit Your Work Into The Hands of God: He has promised that He shall bless the work of our hands, and as industrious as we can get, we need to commit whatever we do into the hands of God

2.Nature of Work: This is very important because we need to check the nature of work we do as well, God does not support crime and connot bless anything that is not in accordance of His will.

3.Patience: A lot of people fail just because they lack patience, Slow and steady is the nature of a true business, and indeed God’s time is the best, do not compare yourself to any one and do not quit just beacuse breakthrough didnt come at your own expected time.

4.Sowing: This is the heart of a business and it has two(2) aspects, first of all you need to sow a seed in the house of God concerning your business, it is a doctrine that has to be done with faith and secondly Sowing into your business will also improve productivity.


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