5 Benefits of Couples Praying Together


It is very important to pray with your spouse, if you havent been doing this you might find it very awkward and uncomfortable at first but along the line it comes with so much importance:

1.It Builds Trust and Intimacy: Intimacy is a function of trust, praying with your partner shows them you really love and want Gods blessing over them, this shows them you really care and it increases intimacy.

2. It Invites God Into Your relationship: When God is involved in our relationship He gives direction and wisdom and His joy and blessings will never depart from that union.

3.It Improves Forgiveness: praying with your spouse helps you understand the essence of forgiveness and as long as a relationship is concerned, it is bound to experience disput sometimes, forgiveness comes easily for couples that pray together.

4.Prayer Changes Things: If everything is committed into the hands of God, new doors will begin to open and in times of chaos when God is in the center of the relationship, this will begin to resolve itself.

5.Helps Your Partner Know Your Needs: When you pray and demand things from God in that process, your partner is aware of your needs and will help you in any way they can to make your desires come true.


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