5 Ways The Holy Spirit Can Benefit You


Having the Holy Spirit within you means to be filled the immediate presence of God which means God now lives within you and this comes with several benefits:

1.He will Protect You: When one has the Holy Spirit with him and one believes God lives within him, his body is now the temple of God therefore no Harm can come to Him.

2.He will Help You Make Decisions: The holy spirit is the spirit of God and when you are faced with a delicate situation, pray and listen to that inner voice speaking to you.

3.He will Help you Conquer Fear: In lone times of danger the Holy Spirit stands with us and conqueres the fear we cant overcome all by ourselves.

4.He is a Purifier: God hates sin and cannot live in the body of a sinner, the Holy Spirit guides us and help us live a righteous life.

5.He Helps us Communicate with God: The Holy Spirit is the means of direct access we have to God, He builds our relationship with God.


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