How To Imitate Christ Life


There are a lot of ways that we can pursue Christ, however no not exactly partaking in the sufferings of Christ; than partaking in His mistreatment and being despised as a result of Him; and partaking in the mission to look for the individuals who are lost as given in the Great Commission. There is no alternative. Following Jesus Christ implies doing what He did, and that will mean we need to venture out of our usual range of familiarity.

Sharing Love: Christ was and is a perfect example of love, true love of Christ means wanting the well-being and safety of someone without expecting anything in return nor expecting a reward. Christ, out of his undying love voluntarily gave up himself to be tortured killed just so we might be saved, now ask yourself ‘ In what other manner can real love be expressed?’.
Jesus Christ demonstrated love, therefore as believers, Christians we should imitate that same lifestyle. Indeed love can help change a lot of things for example, you wouldn’t love someone and want to steal from that person, nor lie to that person nor do anything that may hurt or put that person at the risk of getting hurt.

Making Sacrifices: Sacrifices involves doing something in favor of others at the expense of your convenience. We must also endure long suffering and try to put other’s needs as a priority ( as a man considers the needs of his children).
Imitating Christ is not the easiest of thing and this may cause people to hate you but lets be reminded of what Jesus Christ said in the book of (John 15:20) “If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours” so things like this should be expecting but should not at any point serve as discouragement to you.


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