5 Reasons You Might Be Having A Failed Relationship


Some relationships seems so perfect and lovely most especially at the beginning but along the line things begin to fall apart, nevertheless relationships are bound to go through ups and down, but there are some factors responsible for a consistently failing relationship

YOU EXPECT TOO MUCH: when you feel your partner is not meeting up to a certain target or expectations you set in your own mind, this makes you stop appreciating their effort

LACK OF TRUST: trust is the foundation of every genuine relationship most especially when you are quite a distance form your spouse, you may seem incompatible if there is no trust

LACK OF TOLERANCE: due to the fact that the couples are from different backgrounds, you should be able to tolerate and later correct an unpleasant attitude

HEAD STRONG: you need to listen to your spouse every time they suggest something or make a complain

LACK OF GOOD COMMUNICATION: Love can be grown and also be lost if there isn’t a good communication, you may find yourselves falling out of feelings without knowing.


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