5 Reasons You Are Not Seeing Results After Praying


We seek God’s help when we are desperately in need of healing,breakthrough, fruit of the womb, job, etc and sometimes it seems help isn’t coming and we begin to doubt if there is God or if God has turned deaf ears to us. Here are some factors that could be holding back our prayers being answered.

1.LACK OF FAITH: For without faith,it is impossible to please God, having faith is believing in God and believing that he can do it

2. WORRYING HOW IT S GOING TO HAPPEN: So many things that have happened to discourage you and the situation may seem helpless but remember he does impossible things.

3.INCONSISTENCY: God’s time most times doesn’t align with our time so do not stop seeking his help when you have exhausted your own time of praying and waiting

4.SIN:Nothing hinders God’s bleedings as such as sin, we need to observe a holy life to allow God work in our lives

5.WRONG REQUEST: Sometimes what we seek or the time we make that request might not be God’s plan for us, and only the will of God will be done, not our own will.



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